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IPG International Publishing Forum 2021

Join us for our inaugural International Publishing Forum!

Individual publisher delegate registration (free of charge)
Submit your details here to sign up for networking sessions and receive your joining link. Please ensure you complete the registration form fully to create an accurate profile of your interests; this will improve your visibility to like-minded Forum visitors and ensure good connections.

(SOLD OUT) One-to-one meeting package (paid)
Taking the hard work out of managing meetings at the forum, the IPG introduces you as one of our 'publishing experts' and manages meeting bookings with delegates on your behalf. See here for further details and to book.

(SOLD OUT) Exhibitor package - suppliers (paid)
A step up from the meeting package, the exhibitor package also includes extensive branding and your own exhibitor booth on our state-of-the-art platform. See here for further details and to book.

(SOLD OUT) Exhibitor package - publishers (paid)
As well as extensive branding and your own exhibitor booth on our state-of-the-art platform, the publishers' exhibitor package includes priority access to booking one-to-one meetings with publishing experts. See here for further details and to book.

(SOLD OUT) Partner package (paid)
This premium package gives maximum exposure at the IPF 2021 - please contact us for further details.

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Networking sessions

Networking sessions will run throughout the two days. You can find the schedule below and will be given a link once you've registered for the International Publishing Forum here.

 9am – 9.45am International Sales Trends 

We start the Forum with an eagle-eyed view of book sales around the world. Hazel Kenyon of sales monitoring agency Nielsen BookScan is the expert guide to the hot books and genres in various key markets, and flags up market trends that publishers need to track in 2021.  

10am – 10.45am Metadata and The Customer Journey – Beginners  
Discover the basic ingredients of successful metadata and get expert answers to your questions in this session with Graham Bell of EDItEUR. Graham will show how publishers’ metadata can help to improve three key stages of customers’ journeys through book purchases: discovery, conversion and retention.  

10am – 10.45am Metadata and The Customer Journey – Advanced 
In a session designed for publishers with a good understanding of publishing metadata, Chris Saynor of EDItEUR explains how to sharpen up practices and processes. As well as explaining target areas and tricks for improvement for global discoverability, there will be the chance to put queries to Chris and share ideas with fellow publishers.   

11am – 11.30am Maximising Your Permissions Income 
Permissions can increase income, promote content and protect copyright, but they are often neglected. This session will hear from publishers’ experiences of growth and show how all publishers can make practices simpler, faster and more profitable. 

12pm – 12.45pm What Authors Want From Publishers 
Renowned marketing expert Sam Missingham shows how publishers can engage and motivate authors. She’ll be revealing the results of the IPG’s exclusive survey of authors, and providing actionable insights to improve promotional activity and sales through better collaboration. Join the conversation by sharing your own views on working with authors.  

2pm – 2.45pm Children’s Publishing and China 
After the upheaval of the last 12 months, how has China’s market for children’s books changed? Kate Wilson of Nosy Crow and Alicia Liu of Singing Grass Communications give their views on market trends and the opportunities and challenges for international publishers. They’ll also be discussing ways to reach Chinese businesses and get deals done at a time when international travel is at a standstill. 

3pm – 3.45pm Academic Publishing With Princeton’s Christie Henry 
Get expert views on academic publishing in this session featuring Princeton University Press’ director Christie Henry. In conversation with the IPG’s academic and policy correspondent Richard Fisher, she’ll be discussing issues around leadership, diversity, crossover publishing and the future of scholarly social science publishing on both sides of the Atlantic. 

4pm – 4.45pm The Global Future
The Forum welcomes two renowned independent publishing leaders from either side of the Atlantic. US-based Sourcebooks founder Dominique Raccah joins the UK’s Boldwood Books founder Amanda Ridout to share their business stories, discuss big market trends and opportunities in 2021 and field questions from delegates. 


9am – 9.45am International Rights Trends 
What’s hot and what’s not in publishing rights at the moment? Literary scout Louise Allen-Jones together with some European publishers join forces to round up big trends in markets including Europe, Brazil and Japan, and consider the likely impacts of Covid-19 on global rights trading in 2021. Join the debate by sharing your own perspective throughout the session.  

10am – 10.45am Thema and Global Discovery – Beginners 
Thema, the subject category scheme for the global book supply chain, helps publishers unlock better discoverability and sales. Graham Bell of EDItEUR provides a beginner’s guide to its purpose and benefits, shares some top tips for making the most of its features, and answers any questions you may have.  

10am – 10.45am Thema and Global Discovery – Advanced 
This parallel Thema session offers expert-level advice for publishers who are already fluent in the international language. Chris Saynor of EDItEUR is the guide to optimising subject categorisation for maximum benefit on global online retail platforms in particular.  

11am – 11.30am Making The Most Of Your Rights 
Successful international rights trading begins with efficient management. Former Bloomsbury rights director Joanna Everard and Kogan Page’s Amy Joyner discuss good rights practice and its benefits, share some practical advice for selling and buying at a time of remote working, and highlight the support that is available from Publishers’ Licensing Services. Questions and views are welcome.

12pm – 12.45pm Imports and Exports After Brexit  
Publishing and supply chain experts get to grips with the challenges of importing and exporting since the UK’s departure from the European Union. Charles Hogg of global freight and supply chain experts Unsworth joins Paul Gibbon of United Independent Distributors, provider of services to academic, trade and journal publishers, to review the logistical, customs and tax problems that businesses have faced, offer advice for adapting to new trading environments, and answer questions.

2pm – 2.45pm Tuning in to Audio  
A group of audio publishing experts review some of the major trends around consumption and delivery in the 12 months since the start of the pandemic and look ahead to more global change in 2021. Ingrid Hölzel of Leonine Studios in Germany, Lasse Korsemann Horne of Saga Egmont in Denmark, and Esther Van Dijk of Singel Uitgeverijen in the Netherlands will also answer questions from anyone with an interest in this fast-growing part of publishing. 

3pm – 3.45pm Academic Publishing With De Gruyter’s Ben Ashcroft 
The second of the Forum’s academic publishing head-to-heads features De Gruyter’s vice president Ben Ashcroft in conversation with the IPG’s academic and policy correspondent Richard Fisher. He’ll have Europe-wide perspectives on issues including Open Access, Brexit and distribution, and views on prospects for medium-sized scholarly publishers in 2021.  

4pm – 4.45pm Publishing Career Paths In 2021 
How easy is it for young professionals to build a rewarding career in publishing? In partnership with the Society of Young Publishers, this session looks at issues around recruitment, retention and diversity. Our guests are Amy Wong of Bloomsbury, Tanu Shelar of Yale University Press and we welcome all views in an open discussion. 


09/03/2021 - 10/03/2021

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