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Australian publishing in 2021


Michael Gordon-Smith of the Australian Publishers Association is our guest on this episode of the IPG Podcast. Michael chats with us about the shape of Australian publishing in 2021, the impact of the pandemic and the fortunes of independents in particular, and discusses ways that UK and Australian publishers can stay in touch and work together.


Working in Publishing: Assistant Acquisitions Editor, Althea Brown

First aired: July 2021. Duration: 12 minutes.

Althea Brown of the University of West Indies Press gives us a glimpse of working life in publishing in the Caribbean in this episode of the IPG Podcast. She tells us about her route into publishing, her day-to-day editorial work, and opportunities for building a career in the industry.

Digital discovery and virtual events

First aired: May 2021. Duration: 14 minutes.

This episode of the IPG Podcast welcomes Ruth Bradstreet of Edelweiss+, a popular online platform for sharing books between publishers, booksellers, libraries and others. Ruth discusses how Covid-19 has changed the way we all find, read and sell books, as well as ways it has altered the way we connect with one another in our industry. 

Audiobook streaming

First aired: May 2021. Duration: 11 minutes.

Zebralution's Carla Herbertson joins this episode of the IPG Podcast to discuss the fast-growing streaming market for audiobooks. She shares advice for publishers seeking to get their content found and heard on platforms like Spotify, and explains what Zebralution can do to help.

Accessing Middle East Markets

First aired: April 2021 Duration: 16 minutes.

This episode of the IPG Podcast discusses opportunities for UK publishers in the Middle East with Ingram Content Group's David Taylor. David shares advice for reaching markets across the Arab World and North Africa, and explains what Ingram is doing to improve access to them.