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HR in lockdown with Inspired Selection

The coronavirus lockdown has transformed many aspects of HR in publishing, and we're joined to discuss them by Abigail Barclay of Inspired Selection. Abigail talks about important issues including furloughing, communication and supporting the wellbeing of staff, and looks ahead to the time when publishers can start returning to the office.


Offshoring in publishing

First aired: May 2020. Duration: 20 minutes.

In this episode of the IPG Podcast we're joined by Kathryn Munt and Sam Town of Sinjore Technologies to talk about outsourcing and offshoring in publishing. Kathryn and Sam discuss the process and benefits of outsourcing tasks like copyediting and XML, how to make the most of supplier relationships, and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the industry.

Publishing systems and Deanta

First aired: May 2020. Duration: 16 minutes.

This episode of the IPG Podcast discusses the role of publishing and project management systems. Our guest is Darren Ryan, founder of publishing services and technology firm Deanta, who tells us how systems can help every publisher and offers tips for making the most of them.

Collective licensing, permissions, rights and PLS

First aired: May 2020. Duration: 13 minutes.

Our guest on this episode is Amy Ellis of Publishers' Licensing Services. Amy explains how PLS can help publishers with various activities including collective licensing and the management of permissions and rights, and tells us how proper engagement can help to grow sales.

Cyber security and ThreatAware

First aired: May 2020. Duration: 13 minutes.

With cyber security in focus as more and more people work remotely, this episode of the IPG Podcast explains how publishers can protect their IT and data. Jon Abbott of ThreatAware is our guest, discussing some of the big security risks and the practical steps publishers can take to avoid them.