The IPG Skills Hub is set to launch in Singapore

The Independent Publishers Guild is to provide members of the Singapore Book Publishers Association with use of the IPG Skills Hub under a new white-label licensing arrangement.

The partnership will give SBPA members access to the popular gateway for professional development, which now has well over 100 separate training and advice resources. The SBPA will coordinate the creation of new content that is specific to its members’ professional development needs, and the Hub will be especially valuable for smaller publishers that may not otherwise be able to receive guidance and tuition.

The IPG launched the Skills Hub in 2017 to provide independent publishers with free access to high quality training content, including full-length courses in key disciplines like publicity and financial management, quick-fire tips for effective publishing, masterclasses from successful companies, publishing FAQs, directories and glossaries. Independent publishers across the UK have since made thousands of completions of the courses and resources, and fresh content is regularly added.

All Skills Hub material is compiled by experts in their field, including experienced independent publishers and consultants, and it also features content from the IPG’s acclaimed conferences and other event. Resources are hosted on an innovative training platform that allows publishing professionals to learn at a time and pace to suit them, and which includes features to make study interactive and focused on individuals’ particular requirements and goals. The Skills Hub is also licensed to the Australian Publishers Association.

IPG chief executive Bridget Shine says: “The IPG is delighted to be able to share our popular Skills Hub resources with the Singapore Book Publishers Association and its members. The Hub has helped many hundreds of UK publishers to make their businesses even better over the last three years, and we are pleased to help make a difference to Singapore’s thriving publishing industry too.”

SBPA president Peter Schoppert says: “Singapore’s publishers have upped their game dramatically over the last several years, and we want that trend to continue, especially given current challenges. This new arrangement with the IPG allows the Association to offer our members and their teams even more opportunities for learning and developing their skills, becoming better publishers and helping to deepen and diversify the Singapore books ecosystem.”

Download a copy of the press release here