Meet the Member Mortons Books

1  What's your company called?
Mortons Books.

2  What do you publish?
We will be publishing quality publications on a range of topics—from railway, military and aviation history to consumer issues, hobbies, crime and politics.

3  What's the story of the company?
Mortons Media Group was established in 1885 and is a highly respected independent publishing company. As well as our new book venture we publish a large portfolio of magazines, bookazines and newspapers. We run shows and events all over the country and have a news print business too, with our own printing press. Our strength is in understanding what our customers want and creating products specifically tailored to their requirements.

4  How's business?
We started out on this journey in January 2019, and will have 50 books in our first catalogue, due in October 2019. We’ve also been making significant progress in refining our organisational structures and are now well positioned to turn our original idea into a thriving business.

Another big step forward has been the recent purchase of Silver Link Publishing, a company with a substantial loyal readership and an enviable reputation for creating exceptional titles on a wide range of enthusiast and nostalgia subjects. It is a huge honour to take up the Silver Link mantle, and we look forward to building on its solid foundations. The Silver Link back catalogue includes nearly 800 titles, so we find ourselves with a sizeable list to develop.

5  What do you enjoy about being independent?
The ability to fine tune every aspect of the business and its processes without having to go through multiple layers of administrative control. This has allowed us to respond quickly and decisively to changing conditions and circumstances as the business has developed. Ensuring that each book reaches its full potential is a personal mission at Mortons.

6  What do you think is the biggest single issue in publishing right now?
For the industry as a whole, Brexit is certain to have an impact—but exactly what that impact is remains to be seen.

7  What one piece of advice would you give to a fellow independent just starting out?
Know what you’re good at and build on that first. Also, understand your readership and what they want. Our close relationship with our customers has meant we can be confident that we will have more hits than misses among our first 50 titles.

8  What do you get out of belonging to the IPG?
Help, support, the opportunity to connect with like-minded publishers and a first port of call when we don’t know where else to go for advice.

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