Five Reasons To Choose MetaComet For Royalty Management


When seeking support with royalty management, publishers have choices —but some solutions are better than others. Here are just some of the key reasons to choose MetaComet’s software over the competition. 


1. Built for publishing
Many royalty management packages are generic, and built to serve multiple aspects of operations or alternative royalty-based industries. That means they can’t accommodate the very specific requirements of publishing royalties, and the nuances in agreements that relate to print book or ebook sales. MetaComet’s Royalty Tracker software solution has been developed with the needs of publishers front and center of mind, easily handling contract complexity. Similarly, our rights tracking software was built with a deep understanding of publishers’ rights and licensing requirements, while our Author Portal is dedicated purely to book creators, with add-ons like manuscript submission and collaboration tools.

2. Boutique support

For some royalty software providers, client support slows after onboarding. Getting help with problems and queries can be time-consuming, frustrating and costly. Not so at MetaComet. Whether you’re just getting started with royalty automation, or switching from an existing supplier, our team will be on hand to help with customization, integration and getting used to how our systems work. Having worked with more than 100 publishers, we’ve got a great understanding of the support you need to make the most of your software.

3. Cost efficiency

We appreciate that adopting a royalty management software system can represent a sizeable investment, for new and growing publishers in particular. MetaComet strives to deliver maximum benefit for your spend, by both reducing your labor spent on royalties and removing the risk of paying out too much. There are several more ways our efficient solutions can boost the bottom line too, like by cutting ancillary costs including the postage of checks, and keeping authors happy and motivated to sell more books.

4. Deeper insights
As well as royalty management, our royalty software serves as a data dashboard. By consolidating data sources and integrating neatly with other software, it improves a publisher’s understanding of which books are selling and when, and shows at a glance how quickly authors are earning out their advances. These insights can support marketing and retailer activity that generates more sales, and identify which authors might benefit from a promotional boost.

5. Secure and reliable
Our data center protects some of the world’s largest organizations, providing you with the security your sensitive royalty software data needs. With automatic daily backups and disaster recovery, you can also be sure of uninterrupted access, backed up by dependable customer support. Our software solutions are scalable too, coping easily with the increasing volume and complexity of your royalties as you grow your business.

There are many more reasons to choose MetaComet ahead of other solutions on the market. Contact us to learn more.