10 December

Here's what IPG Board member Oliver Gadsby will be gifting, reading and hoping to get this Christmas! 


Why the Germans Do It Better by John Kampfner (Atlantic). Because in this chaotic year, I have often wondered about just that. The Johnson – Merkel comparison never does the UK many favours. And having started my publishing life in Germany, I have fond memories of the country and its sensible ways. 


Simple by Diana Henry (Mitchell Beazley). A great cookbook, with recipes that really work. Just what is needed for a three-household Christmas. 

Twilight of Democracy: The Failure of Politics and the Parting of Friends (Allen Lane) by Anne Applebaum. What could be more festive? I love her writing, and I’ll give this to a politically-minded friend. But only after I’ve objected to “gift” as a verb…