Job title: Marketing and Events Consultant
Company: Book Industry communication Ltd (BIC)
Location: Working from home – ideally UK based.
Salary: £16K for an 8-month contract term paid monthly (Pro-rated from the full time equivalent of £40K per annum)
Is the role permanent? No – contract for 8 months initially
Is the role full-time? No – 3 days per week (21 hours)
Contact details: [email protected]
Closing date: Friday 8th July 2022

Job description

Key areas of responsibility (summary):

1. Creation and execution of a fully comprehensive marketing and communications strategy across all areas of BIC's products, events, and industry liaison work, in line with BIC's vision and its strategic priorities for 2022 and 2023

  • become fully versed in BIC's remit, vision, purpose, and operations in order to optimise promotion of BIC's agenda and (both online and in-person) activities
  • execute a strategic review of BIC's digital presence, including website, social media strategy, member, and non-member communications
  • with the Website Requirements and Delivery manager, be responsible for the specification of all aspects of the graphic design, content, user experience and SEO capabilities of a new BIC website, and vendor selection. Work on the new website will begin later in 2022 and will be led by the Website Requirements and Delivery Manager.
  • ensure the current BIC website remains relevant and up-to-date until its replacement
  • execution of the new social media and other digital communications strategies, to maximise awareness of BIC's work and brand

2. Creation of new marketing collateral, including generation of both copy and illustrations, for use on the website, on social media and via other digital communication channels

3. With the Exec Director, planning, execution, and promotion of BIC's online and in-person events programme and associated sponsorship

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