Company: Vertebrate Publishing
Location: Sheffield
Salary: Dependent upon experience
Part-time (split roles), or full-time (combined role)

Contact: Stephen Ross
Closing date: 22 January 2021

Vertebrate Publishing is an award-winning independent publisher based in Sheffield. Vertebrate has ambitious expansion plans and has doubled staff numbers over the last two years. The title list reaches 300 titles and we aim to produce 50 new titles each year as we expand the range of climbing, mountaineering, off-road running, cycling and wild swimming books. 

The current team is very hard-working, passionate and committed to the business and would benefit from the assistance of senior managers with the experience of managing a business of the size we wish to become. 

The two main areas where Vertebrate requires additional senior skills are in finance and marketing; we are seeking to fill these with either two part-time appointments, being a Finance Director and a Marketing Director or, if we can find a rare and exceptional candidate, by combining these roles into one full-time position of Commercial Director.

These roles are new appointments for Vertebrate and will take over some of the responsibilities from the company’s two directors and owners. The successful candidate must have the maturity and experience to manage a small team, comprising the Marketing Manager, Marketing Executives, Financial Analyst and the Office Manager/Bookkeeper.

Vertebrate’s values are to be reliable, bold, agile, energetic and sustainable, and we are looking for these in a candidate.

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