Job title: Digital Community Manager
Company: Spiracle Audiobooks Ltd
Location: Flexible/ London
Salary: £36,000 p/a (plus bonuses)
Is the role permanent? Yes
Is the role full-time? full-time, though we will consider part-time (minimum 3 days per week)
Contact details: Quentin Ellis - [email protected]

Closing date: 18th September 2023

Job description

Spiracle Audiobooks is seeking a new colleague who will enjoy engaging and developing our audience online while driving new customers through virtual and real world events across the UK.

They will join in our mission to establish the world’s first independent eCommerce audiobook platform; using curation and design to bridge the gap between book lovers and high quality literature.

As a self motivated, ambitious marketer, the right candidate will be building and nurturing a vibrant community of literary enthusiasts. They will play a pivotal role in achieving our business objectives.

Job Type

Full/ Part Time. (We will consider part time - minimum 3 days/ week). Flexible home/office working with a requirement to attend meetings in central London.

Key Responsibilities

  • Online Engagement: Manage and grow online communities across social media platforms.
  • Analytics: Track KPIs and prepare reports to evaluate community engagement and event success.
  • Content Creation: Develop and post interactive content tailored to our audience.
  • Customer Support: Address customer queries and feedback, funnelling critical issues to the wider team.

About Spiracle

Spiracle is a UK-based, independent publisher and distributor of audiobooks. It is an early-stage start-up positioned at the nexus of rapidly developing trends:

  • the increasing popularity of audiobooks
  • the growth of independent presses offering unique and original titles
  • the preparedness of major publishers to see a more diverse marketplace.

We offer a curated selection of audiobooks chosen from major publisher catalogues. We also co-publish new titles with the UKs independent publishers. Customers can subscribe or purchase individual audiobooks.

We believe, passionately, that great writing can change people’s lives by helping them understand the world better, sometimes differently.

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